According to many users, vape pens are a safer and more elegant way to consume their dose of cannabis during the day. This is why the popularity of pens for this purpose is growing. Of course, we are not talking about the effects of the substance itself, but about the way you consume it. The classic joint burns and you also add smoke and other accompanying substances, which are not always best for you. But with the help of vape devices, you are properly using all the potential benefits of cannabis.

Products that also contain THC usually come in the form of wax and for that, you need appropriate wax pens, so as not to ruin your usual vape device. We also recommend that you look at to see which devices are most suitable for this purpose.

Why is vaping a better solution than regular smoking?


The heater inside the device will heat up the wax or oil, so the CBD and THC can be properly released. It’s the same about the dried plant. It needs heat to activate the active substances. At room temperature, nothing happens. Joint smoking is a dried plant mixed with tobacco, which means that it has additional substances.

Also, in many countries smoking in public places is not allowed, which is not the case with vape pens, for which no one knows what is actually in the liquid.

Cannabis vaping is becoming increasingly popular among users, many studies show. There are several reasons for this:

– Wax and oils have a higher concentration of active ingredients.

– The product does not burn but evaporates.

– The effects are faster.

– Looks better seen from the side.

Vaping on the go

Vaping devices are easily portable, practical, you can customize their appearance and always choose a different type of liquid, depending on what you prefer.

But at the same time, you must be aware that vaping does not mean that the process is completely safe. On the contrary, evaporation re-enters the lungs and your metabolism and stimulates the corresponding receptors. But compared to classic burning, this way is much simpler and more elegant, and you have control over what you do.

In general, even smoking while walking down the street will not be scary if you use these vape pens correctly.

THC still remains a psychotropic substance


Extraction does not reduce the psychotropic of this substance. However, in products intended for vaping, the concentration is within the appropriate recommended limits, except in the wax or oils that you make yourself. But be careful, because this means that THC wax is not intended for every possible occasion.


When it comes to smoking, there are no completely safe options. They differ only in the level of harmfulness. Of course, you are a conscious person who knows how to reason properly and make the right decisions, so we believe that your vaping on the go is within the bounds of decency and good manners. Otherwise, it would be really wrong to be constantly “high” as a result of your seemingly naive activities.