In a world with endless opportunities, finding the best way to spend your free time is a fun thing on its own. Namely, there are plenty of ways to relax and escape from everyday problems and stress. Some find watching various clips relaxing, others prefer to play video games, but what we all have in common is the fact that most of our free time we spend online. Now, when it comes to our online activity, we can get much more than just fun and excitement, as there also are plenty of ways to earn some quick cash. No, we are not talking about becoming an influencer, as we are talking about playing games of chance.

Casino games, just like the whole gambling industry, changed a lot with the invention of the Internet, and today, no matter where you are, if you have a stable Internet connection, you can enjoy playing your favorite casino game. We all know that selection of these games is vast, but what’s even better are the exceptional rewards and promotions that these casinos offer to their players. Welcome and loyalty bonuses, deposit doubles, free spins, etc., are just some of the prizes available to us, and even though there are plenty of new casino games, the traditional ones like poker, roulette or blackjack have a special place in our hearts.

The most popular casino game


One casino game that stands out from all the rest is undoubtedly poker, even though it is also one of the oldest casino games. Today, there are many variations to it, and while some prefer a traditional game with five cards for each player, Texas Holdem is one most people are familiar with. What makes poker so popular is surely its rules, as they are not simple yet still ask for great skill and intuition. Poker face is just one term that everyone uses, even those who have never played it before, and that’s saying a lot about how influential this game actually is. Furthermore, bluffing is something we cannot imagine a poker without, but bluffing is not recommended for every poker variant. Take Caribbean Stud Poker as an example, as bluffing too much playing this one will bring more loss than gain. Don’t believe us? Well, keep reading as we will further present you with the top four reasons why you should never bluff too much with Caribbean stud poker.

Playing against dealer


The biggest difference between Caribbean stud poker and regular poker is that we are playing only against the dealer when we play the Caribbean stud one. That literally means that every player at the table is playing only against the dealer and not against other players. On the other side, that does not mean that you should show the cards to your opponents, because each one of you, including the dealer, is getting five cards, and showing cards to them can help them know if they can win or not. The dealer is representing the house like in every other casino game, and since there is always a house edge, they will try to win all the time. Of course, that is not possible, and there will be situations when you will win, but that means there is no reason to try to bluff since the dealer will never fold if they have good cards and the possibility to win.

The dealer needs to qualify


The rule that dealers need to qualify for the game or they cannot compare cards with other players and determine the winner is probably one of the things which can confuse the beginners the most. The main question then is what happens if the dealer does not qualify and there is no winner? Well, in that situation, each of the players gets their money back, and they are starting a new round with new cards. The same is for those players who already made some extra bets, and they do not need to worry because they will get all their money back. It is good to mention that qualifying is not that easy because the dealer cannot qualify if they do not have at least one Ace-King.

It will cut your losses


Unlike the traditional game, where bluffing can bring you more profits, here, it will more likely lead to more losses. The main reason for this is the ante, or the mandatory bet, the one you make each round. It’s about the long run and looking at the wider picture. Now, if one gest a weaker hand, if they bluff and bet hoping that the dealer will not qualify, in the long run, they will lose much more than if they fold it. A slightly over 50% of the time, the dealer will qualify, which means that by bluffing, you will lose not only that mandatory bet but also every other bet. That is why, in the long run, it’s better to fold a weak hand than to bluff.

Better strategies than bluffing


It is almost impossible to bluff in Caribbean stud poker because it is most likely that you will lose all the money trying, and because of that, we will mention some other strategies and tips that you can follow while trying to win some money. The first tip is pretty obvious, and it is to fold if your hand is not strong enough because if you do not have it, it is most likely that someone at the table has, and there is no need to risk. Another tip that many beginners do not follow is to value the pairs, no matter how small they are.

Sometimes the smallest pair can help you win the hand, so there is no reason to fold, and maybe the better idea is to raise the bet. In the end, we will mention one more obvious tip, and that is to check the hand twice before folding or rising because it can easily happen to think you have an extremely strong hand because all cards in it are black, without realizing that they do not have the same sign.


As you can see, bluffing can be used against you, and even though with most other poker variants, this will bring more profits, with Caribbean Stud Poker, it will more likely lead to losses. The game sure is interesting and something entirely different, but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t learn more about it and practice before they embark on this gambling journey. So, if you want to learn more about Caribbean Stud Poker, check this, and find all the info you may need, along with some advice and guidance.