Skins for CS:GO are the outer shell of the weapon, which indicates the style of its owner or his belonging to a certain team. They do not affect the level and speed of the weapon, but their use adds a certain aesthetic to the game. In addition, the use of skins can significantly increase the level of the player

To get weapon skins in CS:GO, you can collect keys and exchange them in the store. But it is much easier and faster to open case cs go on specialized sites. The second method allows you to quickly get the desired skin on the weapon.

How to sell a skin for a CS:GO weapon


In CS:GO there are skins not only for firearms, but also for knives. The rarest are the gloves. They fall out not very often, so they can be quite expensive.

To buy or sell a skin for a weapon, you must register on the site. The easiest way is to create an account in Steam. This will give you access to all the options you can sell. Then you need to:

  • select the skin you want to sell;
  • put it up for sale;
  • check if the payment has been credited to your account.

Buying a skin is even easier. Just log in to your account, choose your favorite option and pay for it. After a while, the skin will appear in the list of available weapons. A large selection of options skins on the site, gives the opportunity to purchase options for different coloring, or with the emblem of your favorite team

The cost of skins depends on how often it falls to the players. For variants that fall out rarely, you can get a good amount. In addition, many players collect rare skins. This has led to the emergence of various auctions where the most exclusive variants are put up.

Options for receiving money after the sale of the skin


After the sale of the skin for the weapon, the funds will be credited to the account. Money can be withdrawn to a cryptocurrency wallet, payment system or even a bank card.

By choosing to pay with cryptocurrency, the funds will be credited almost instantly. If you receive money to an online wallet, you will have to wait a couple of hours for the payment to go through. Payment to a bank card can take up to 7 days. It all depends on the workload of the banking institution.

Users who buy or sell skins in large quantities can get discounts and bonuses. It is enough to contact technical support and discuss the number of skins, and the manager will advise how to get a little more money or save.

Skins allow you to show your personality

You almost never know anything about the real guys sitting on the other side of the computer playing terrorists and counterterrorist’s. Nicknames and avatars are not always enough to distinguish these completely identical players. Have you ever wondered how your teammates and opponents see you in the game?

Often the influence of skins on the game atmosphere cannot be put into words, but when you start using them, you will already stand out among the gray masses. So it’s better to just figure out which skin you like the most and use it as a kind of business card. Gamers with skins that suit them can play better, becoming more successful at shooting.

Skins make your opponent afraid of you


If you see a random character in CS:GO with a standard weapon, you don’t expect him to be skilled and dangerous. We’re used to seeing all professional players with “tricked out” skins. It’s the same on the other side – who’s going to consider you a worthy opponent if you don’t even have a good skin?

For some reason our psychology works like this: if you don’t have the motivation or money to buy expensive weapons, then you’re not serious about the game, and you’re not that interested in investing in it.

The more you play with skins – the more confident you become

When you buy cool clothes, you’re ready to go out and conquer the world in a new jacket. That’s how the rules work in CS:GO. When you get a nice skin – you automatically become more confident, start shooting better, show everyone your skills, etc.

Such a positive vibe that creates a skin around you – it certainly plays into your hands. You want to show it off, brag about it, and at least pretend that you’re a great player because you have such a cool skin.

Gameplay is improved by skins


Every small change affects the gameplay. Try playing it without changes: on one map, for one team, day after day. And soon you’ll realize that this game is getting too boring, and you need some variety.

Then, if you change the map, CS:GO will play in new colors for you. The same effect gives the activation of skins for your weapons. It’s as if it refreshes the gameplay and gives new emotions from new matches. So you’ll have a better mood, and you won’t feel the monotony that you had before without skins.

It’s part of the game not to miss the best moments

Back in the days when weapon updates hadn’t been released yet, and CS:GO didn’t have skins at all, it was absolutely common for everyone to ignore weapon type, but that’s all changed now. If you play this game without skins, you’re missing out on a lot of interesting things.

Getting new skins, using them in different matches, showing up in different styles in front of other players – all these aspects have long been part of CS: GO. Counter-Strike is not just about monotonous shooting. It also means that we are part of the gaming community and can enjoy everything it has to offer, including skins.

With skins you train different kinds of weapons


Everyone in CS:GO uses a different set of gear, but when you get a skin for a certain weapon, that’s usually what you start playing with. And as a consequence, you start honing your skills on the new object of your enjoyment, get a better feel for that weapon, shoot it better, get used to it, etc.

Nominally this gear may be worse in game, but by playing it all the time-you can really outgun your opponent, even if he is better armed. But don’t forget that there really are situations where it’s better to get something useful and appropriate for the game rather than “what I want”, this rule especially works on matchmaking.