The relaxing universe of fine cigars may often feel weighed down by a plethora of options, perplexing signals, and misinformation masquerading as reality. Even for a seasoned smoker, it may be a difficult and perplexing activity. It’s a frequent misperception that smoking cigars are safer than cigarettes. It isn’t correct. Cigars are not healthier, but the harmful effects are varied because they are consumed differently.

Quality cigars are a handcrafted product manufactured from a plant grown on a farm because there is so much variance in the mixes used, the kinds of tobacco used, and how the cigars are produced, it is nearly difficult to anticipate how a cigar will taste 100 percent of the time.

Tobacco is the only material they are composed of. Tobacco in its purest form. There isn’t a single petal that has been produced synthetically or unnaturally changed in any way.

Everything about the cigar, from flavor to color, is accomplished using natural methods, which adds to its intrinsic appeal. Maduro cigars is the place to visit for such quality cigars.

Cigarette v/s Cigar

There is no such rivalry between the two. It is just the two belong to the same domain and thus each time there is a comparison. The key difference between the smokers of the two sections is unlike a cigarette, cigar smokers do not consume it every day. A cigarette is consumed daily by 75% of smokers.

Secondly, the consumption of a cigarette is 25 times more than a cigar. A regular smoker intakes 5 to 8 cigarettes a day. Whereas, a cigar smoker only consumes one cigar in a day. Perhaps, it is one of the reasons cigar smokers are less exposed to the harmful effects of smoking. It is not like that cigar does not affect their health, it does, but in contrast, comparatively less.

Nonetheless, you must know some things that differentiate you from an ordinary cigar smoker.

1. Light it the right way


There isn’t a single type of fire that exists. Instead, the contaminants in your supply of fire will flow directly into your smoke, ruining every drag of your smoking pleasure. Use a butane flame, which will not alter the flavor of your smoke. Wax particulates in the smoke from a candle can produce a greasy flavor on your tongue.

2. Your mouth is not the place

A cigar isn’t something you blow on while clenching your molars and cheeks. It should be grasped in your palm and dragged up to your lips to inflate, then dropped between your fingertips. It also helps the cigar go slower, which means less tobacco is wasted.

Unlike a cigarette, a cigar is heavy and takes time to burn. Therefore, you have to be patient while smoking it. Also, a cigar is showcased as a commodity that belongs to the elite class and people from that section never do things in a hurry. They have time for such stuff. Be it drinking or smoking a cigar. Patience is the key.

3. Storing a half-smoked cigar


Humidors and cigars, like clothing, accumulate odors. Placing a half-burned cigar back into a humidor will not only contaminate the smoke you put within, but it will also destroy the container, giving it a burnt, ashy fragrance that will be harder to eliminate.

So, what do you do with a half-smoked cigar? Well, throwing it away is not on the list, therefore, you must finish it then and there.

4. Do not Inhale

When having a cigar, you must never inhale. They aren’t cigarettes, and the tobacco is frequently far more potent. Rather, take a whiff and savor it while it sits in your tongue for a few moments. Then all you have to do is puff it out. To elevate the experience, possess a strong alcoholic drink while puffing and rotating your smoke every one minute.

5. Storing cigars in refrigerator


It doesn’t imply it’ll keep your smokes new since it keeps your vegetables nice. Don’t put a cigar in the refrigerator if anybody lends it to you. Your fridge is a sterile, non-humid chamber designed to keep items chilled.

Simply store the cigars in a humidor and place the humidor in your closet or your table or any natural surroundings. Cigars are a natural product and can be stored in a natural atmosphere without any hindrance. Also, never store the cigars in a cigarette box.

6. Cutting in half

Cigars are not mixed evenly or uniformly. The nicotine on one side of the cigar is not the same as the material on another. To provide a shifting smoking experience every time, the cigar maker places extremely particular tobaccos in various areas of the cigar. Separating it from the middle, on the other hand, is a guaranteed way to wind up with a package that disintegrates. It is like murdering the essence of cigar smoking.

7. Do not be a cigar police


What does this mean? It means never telling anybody how to smoke a cigar. It is a skill that a genuine cigar smoker learns with time. The idea is to let him explore his ways of smoking it. The more he will explore, the better he will learn how not to do it, and eventually, all he will leave with is the only way of smoking a cigar. So, if you find someone smoking a cigar in the wrong way, let them be. Focus on yours.

8. Stubbing the cigar

Let your smoke burn out on its own once you’ve consumed it. Putting it in the trashcan like a cigarette simply causes the binders to crack open, resulting in greater smoke and flames. Furthermore, a shattered cigar is ugly.

The Parting Words

Cigar smoking is an expensive and elite activity that many people can’t afford. That’s why the majority is dependent on cigarettes for their dose. Nonetheless, never miss out on a chance to try a cigar once in your life because everyone must experience living life king style.