Mozilla was persistent and Microsoft gave in… or Mozilla won and Microsoft lost – we can explain in various ways the circumstances in which we found two technology giants these days. The years-long struggle in the web browser market and Microsoft’s reluctance to accept other web browsers within Windows are slowly coming to an end.

As of November 9, the Firefox web browser is an integral part of the Microsoft Store, and users can download it.

How Did This Mozilla Success Come About?


The success of Mozilla Corporation has followed major struggles over the past few months over setting up a default web browser within the Windows operating system. Mozilla had simply decided that it would have to cope with it and make it easier for Windows users to switch from Microsoft Edge to Firefox.

The procedure with which Windows 10 can change the default web browser instead of Edge is really complicated and made it difficult for users to switch to third-party web browsers. Any user who wanted to change the web browser had to go to the “Settings” menu in Windows 10 and select Firefox as the default web browser while ignoring Microsoft’s pop-up notifications and suggestions for setting up Edge.

Firefox 91 Update


Although the ability to switch could be achieved by following the above procedure, it is clear to everyone that Microsoft intentionally subordinated everything to the use of Edge, and the transition to its web browser was realized after just one click. For these reasons, with the Firefox 91 update from August 10 this year, Mozilla simply turned the processing of its web browser and allowed the user to quickly and easily set up Firefox for the default web browser after just one click. The move bypassed Microsoft’s security settings.

Mozilla has been warning for several years about what it sees as Microsoft’s bad business practices. Particularly indicative was Mozilla’s open letter to Microsoft’s CEO in 2015, which made very clear its position on Microsoft’s unfair practices, which are lagging behind in terms of the ability to select and control applications and other software.

Leaders, in further statements during 2023, stated that all operating systems should allow developers the support when setting the status of a default application to allow users easier access. It is also noted that Microsoft has not made any progress with Windows 10 and Windows 11, so Mozilla developers have had to find their own way to allow users to use Firefox web browsers seamlessly.

The Release of Windows 11 Deepened the Gap


Tensions between Mozilla and Microsoft have intensified in particular with the release of Windows 11. The new operating system has actually embarked on even more rigorous changes to the default web browser changes. Microsoft has further complicated the ability to change the settings that must now be implemented for each type of file format. Other web browsers such as Google Chrome, Vivaldi, or Opera chose not to follow Mozilla’s actions and, in fact, the question was how Microsoft would react to the very clear position of Mozilla’s top people who didn’t want to give up their intentions.

Microsoft seems to have given in and Firefox became the first major web browser available in the Microsoft Store. Firefox is special in that it uses its Quantum system instead of Chromium, and for many, it is one of the few web browsers that really care about users’ privacy. Microsoft’s new “open door” perspective clearly represents a major change in the company’s business principles. Until recently, Microsoft Store rules required other companies and developers that other web browsers must use a system built into Microsoft’s platform. In other words, with such rules, Microsoft controlled the features that would be an integral part of user web searches and thus didn’t allow freedom of choice.

The New Constellation of Forces Affected the Brave


The arrival of the Firefox application in the Microsoft Store is really a big deal because it is already known that the mentioned restrictions literally drove the Brave web browser to the Epic Games store where it is available for download. Chrome has not been seen inside the Microsoft store yet, but we believe that should happen soon. Another web browser that has joined Mozilla in the Microsoft store is Opera which will also be available for download.

Everyone who is used to using Firefox can now relax. You will no longer need to go to the official Mozilla website and download Firefox through the installation process. Now you just need to go to the Microsoft Store and download the Firefox app. The only thing that is interesting after downloading the application is the fact that the process of setting up Firefox as the default web browser based on one click does not work the same as after downloading from the official website. It is not clear whether the Mozilla developers deliberately abandoned the process of circumventing Microsoft’s policies or Microsoft made them change the model used with a ban.

The Situation in the Web Browser Market


The situation in the web browser market is especially interesting. Google’s Chrome sovereignly holds the first position on the scale with a share of 64.67%, despite the fact that it still has the procedure that Mozilla avoided. Windows users must download Chrome from Google’s official website.

Chrome is No.1 for many reasons, for instance, due to its swiftness and versatility, it is estimated to be one of the most suitable web clients in the online gambling world. When playing online casino games on operators by the link, Chrome users will have the best experience as blocking and controlling the unnecessary banners and clips is very effective at this web browser.

In second place is Apple’s Safari with a share of 19.06%. The big fight between Edge and Firefox follows on the scale. Edge is currently in third place with a share of 3.99%, and Firefox is in fourth place with 3.66%. Samsung Internet managed to get into the top five with 2.81%, and Opera is breathing down its neck with a share of 2.36%.