If you’re not familiar with the term “chicken hawk,” it refers to the illegal importation of high-end luxury cars, usually from Europe and Japan, which often come from countries with high tax rates. While most of these exotic cars are sold after the fact, some of them still get destroyed after they get pulled over by the authorities.

According to Customs and Border Patrol, since the start of the fiscal year in October, nearly a dozen vehicles were seized at the border from drivers who attempted to illegally import them. These cars are enough of a problem that the feds have an entire website dedicated to finding and reporting them. The website, , also has a tracking map and a list of illegally imported cars that drivers can use to get information about their lost vehicles.

These cars are a sight to behold. They’re built in China, sold in the U.S. and then driven into the desert to be destroyed. In the past few years, the number of cars that have illegally entered the U.S. has been estimated to be between 800,000 and 2.5 million. Now, a new federal law is making it easier for the government to start taking action.

First, it didn’t happen in the United States. The destruction of these seven coveted vehicles took place in Indonesia. We can live with the Genesis and Solara, but the McLaren and Porsche 911 make us cry.

Indonesian Customs destroy illegally imported vehicles regardless of their rarity or value

word-image-10984 Illegal Philippine cars crushed by Indonesian customs Indonesia has its own methods of dealing with illegal cars. Customs has no choice but to destroy the illegal goods. And if it has to be the McLaren 620R, so be it. This is the sad fate of many illegally impounded vehicles around the world. In this case or cases, the vehicles were imported between 2018 and 2023. The seven vehicles had been imported illegally. The history of some is unknown, but as for McLaren, we know the details through social media.

Why was the McLaren destroyed?

word-image-10985 Illegal Philippine cars crushed by Indonesian customs The man who imported the McLaren claimed it was a Porsche Cayman. He thought it would get through customs and he would pay less tax than he actually did. So this was a clear case of tax evasion, and Indonesia does not take this crime lightly. In 2017, Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte denounced the country after a wave of illegally imported cars surfaced. He ordered the destruction of these vehicles, in part to make it clear to importers that smuggling would not be given a second chance. Even if it was a rare McLaren 620R. In addition to the last batch of seven ships seen here, another 14 were found and scrapped in another port. These 21 were preceded by 17 others destroyed by the government earlier this year. So, yes, we would say they are very serious about sending a message.

Over $1.1 million in illegal vehicles destroyed in this collision.

word-image-10986 Illegal Philippine cars crushed by Indonesian customs The latter group is worth over $1.1 million and includes the aforementioned McLaren and Porsche 911 C2S. But there was also the 2007 Bentley Continental Flying Spur, the Hyundai Genesis, the Toyota Solara and others that didn’t make the list. The method of destruction used was an excavator that constantly collided with the vehicles. Illegal import of cars seems to be a big problem in the Philippines. In 2018, nearly 100 illegally imported vehicles have already been destroyed. They were valued at $6 million. The devastation was there for all to see. Of course, one can question whether destruction should be a deterrent, but if large numbers of cars continue to be imported illegally, does it work? It seems not. And if so many are being smuggled in and discovered, how many are entering the country undetected? APPROPRIATE: WATCH : Police overturns Ferrari 458 Spider, owner suedIt’s been a while since we’ve seen anything on this topic, but it appears there’s a new trend in the United States. Enforcement of these laws has been lax for years, and recently, it seems a higher priority has been given to enforcing the laws and actually punishing those who break them. We’re not exactly sure why, considering they tend to mainly affect people who are of an immigrant background and are often not involved in any serious crimes.. Read more about crushing illegal race cars and let us know what you think.