Modern vehicles are crammed full of sensors to help drivers navigate and go faster. It’s a lot of technology, but there’s one thing that’s usually missing: a windshield-mounted GPS system and a giant, wing-shaped mount. German company Brake-Rite Motorsports has come up with a simple way to mount a GPS unit on your windshield that’s designed to do one thing: hold a giant wing for your car.

As it happens, this is something that I had thought about doing some time ago. I wanted to create a vacuum-powered mount that could mount a huge wing on my GMC Acadia. I knew I could do it, just needed to find a good design, but wasn’t sure just how well it would work. I went out and bought an $8 vacuum cleaner to see if the idea would work. It did. I’ve attached a video of it in action attached.

Modifying a vehicle is not just about increasing power or changing the suspension. If you want to maximize the potential of your car, it is also important to pay attention to aerodynamics. Many car enthusiasts choose to improve the aerodynamics of their vehicle by installing an aerodynamic kit and a large wing to achieve downforce. But what if you want to install a fender without drilling holes in the trunk of your car? In that case, TrackWing will take care of you.

What is TrackWing?

General view of TrackWing | TrackWing APPROPRIATE: A car spoiler is not the same as a wing. TrackWing is a vacuum mounting system that allows you to attach your fender to the trunk lid of your car without drilling any holes. That’s right, the experts at TrackWing have taken care of all the worries associated with mounting a large fender on your vehicle. What’s even better is that the fender can be removed in minutes if you don’t need it or if you need to sell the car. Installation of the TrackWing system on a spare wing can be done in about 30 minutes, installation on your vehicle will take a few more minutes. On the other hand, it is usually necessary to measure the trunk of the car to correctly position the fender, and then drill holes in the trunk to correctly attach the fender.

You will have Aero with no regrets

word-image-7778 TrackWing side view. To better understand how TrackWing came to be, I recently spoke with the company’s owner, Mitchell Strachan. Strachan became interested in cars at a young age and spent years thinking about how to modify a car’s aerodynamics without causing permanent damage. Ever since I was a kid, I thought there had to be a better way. I started with the idea of some kind of glue. I was thinking of a long-term solution, but a temporary one. I thought about putting glue on the wall, but that wasn’t the right direction, Strachan says. I considered magnets at the time, but the problem was that they were very heavy and didn’t offer the flexibility to attach the wing to the fuselage. Also, the magnet does not work on carbon fiber and aluminum enclosures. After the obligatory trial-and-error process of figuring out what would work, Strachan finally came up with the idea of using vacuum racks. This is basically the same type of vacuum seal as on a luggage carrier, but much larger. According to TrackWing’s website, the two large suction cups can hold over 600 pounds each, so it’s safe to say the wing won’t go anywhere once it’s installed. Best of all, the wing can be easily removed. You get Aero without regret, Strachan added.

Does the TrackWing system work with any type of wings?

word-image-7779 Close-up TrackWing According to Strachan, TrackWing works with 99% of the wings on the market. With the delivery of the mounting system, the buyer receives adapters for mounting the side and bottom wing. There is one caveat, however. The only problem is that whatever fender you choose, you need to make sure the distance to the trunk fits and is safe, Strachan adds. Buyers should ensure that the suction cups do not extend beyond the edges of the body.

Does the increased height affect the aerodynamic properties of the wing once installed?

word-image-7780 TrackWing side view. If you look at the pictures of the TrackWing system, you will see that the wing, when mounted on the suction cups, is higher than if it were mounted on the trunk. However, Mr Strachan noted that increasing the height could be beneficial. As a general rule, the higher the wing, the better. Many fender manufacturers offer extended pylons at an additional cost. But our stand raises it by two inches, so you get cleaner air, Strachan says.

Has TrackWing ever failed during testing?

No, even when we used more bloodless cups, we had no failures. We were not satisfied with the safety factors, so we switched to larger suction cups. The system is completely overloaded, Strachan replied. For reference: To attach the TrackWing system to a car’s trunk lid, the user must apply suction cups and then inflate them so they are sucked in.  Once attached to the vehicle, the TrackWing system lasts for over six hours before the suction cups need to be re-inflated. Fortunately, the fender is secured on the inside of the trunk lid with two anchors, so you don’t have to worry about the whole thing falling apart.

Are there any surfaces that TrackWing will not bond to?

Finally, Strachan said TrackWing adheres to many hull surfaces, including carbon fiber, aluminum and steel. The only factor to consider is space, as the trunk lid must have enough room for the suction cups to fit perfectly in the trunk.

How much does TrackWing cost?

The TrackWing is currently on sale for $449 and can be purchased on the company’s website. Although this cost is in addition to the price of the fender you wish to purchase for your car, consider the ease of installation and the convenience of being able to remove the fender at any time without damage. That’s priceless.