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Study the market


The first and most basic rule is to understand what price segment the apartment belongs to, and put it on the market at an adequate market price. The fact is that very often tenants and landlords have different opinions on the price, and the object, placed on the market at an inflated rate, can take a long time to find a tenant or not find him at all. There is a large enough supply of apartments on the rental market now, and potential tenants have no problem choosing. In order to rent an apartment in the shortest time possible, its price should correspond to the market price.

Make the apartment look marketable

Hence the second rule – understand who the potential tenant is, and do not make a business-class renovation in an economy-class apartment located in an old house on the outskirts, in the hope that it can be rented at a higher price. It is enough to make a cosmetic repair in the apartment, using universal solutions for decoration and using neutral colors. A clean and neat apartment will attract more attention from future tenants.

Part with the junk at home


It is worth throwing out old furniture, plumbing and electrical update, if necessary, remove unnecessary junk and be sure to do a general cleaning. Leave the most necessary furniture. Having basic appliances (kettle, fridge, washing machine, microwave, TV) and Wi-Fi is a nice bonus for tenants. Tenants are looking for a home where they want to build a life among their belongings, not among the landlord’s belongings that he doesn’t need, but it’s a shame to throw away, too. Therefore, even if an old empty aquarium, a dusty carpet on the wall or a creaky sideboard are dear to the owner as a memory, they should be removed from the apartment, where other people who have nothing to do with these things will live.

Expand the range of potential tenants

Often owners limit the range of potential tenants themselves. In order to rent an apartment faster, it is better to reduce the requirements for nationality, presence of children or pets. If, for example, the tenant has a pet, you can stipulate the nuances and possible consequences in the rental agreement – a compromise can always be found.

Make concessions


It is better to make small concessions to the tenant that are fundamental for him. For example, divide payments by two times a month, provide temporary registration, allow additional furniture or nail a shelf. Then the apartment will be rented in the shortest possible time.

Fill your home with scents

It would be great if you use, for example, scented sticks. Ideally, you can place an aroma diffuser or aroma lamp in each room, which will fill the apartment with a rich aroma. Agree, to walk into the apartment and feel the pleasant smell – it’s already a big plus.

Blossoms and smells

Experience shows that bouquets of fresh flowers in vases give a very positive result. Usually landlords, who rent an apartment, do not think about such “bells and whistles”. But we think how to rent an apartment correctly. And the benefit here is actually twofold.

First, fresh flowers “shake up” stagnant energies, which is exactly what we need. And secondly, potential tenants come and “try on” the interior for themselves. Practice shows that even if in the future you plan to take out of the house absolutely all the furniture and curtains, people are still inclined to assess it just by the setting. Ironically, flowers are also part of the overall picture of the impression and will influence the decision.

Bathroom with a secret


A live flower in the bathroom will cause a pleasant surprise. Your apartment is guaranteed to be memorable in a succession of faceless homes. Proven by practice!

Unusual design of the bathroom is also an attractive reception. But if there’s nothing remarkable in it, a flower is the easiest and most effective move.

Add a discount to the price

The easiest way to get a good price for an apartment is to look for similar offers in the same area, in similar condition, and the same distance from bus or subway stations.
The price in the ad should be a few thousand more than what you’re really going to get. Any realtor and potential tenant will ask if you’re haggling. Just say yes and they are already counting on a discount Also, realtors usually promise their clients a slightly lower price, haggle for them. […]

Specify the amount of the security deposit in the ad. Usually it is equal to one month’s rent. Most landlords allow you to divide it into two parts.

Fix any minor defects in your apartment


A smart investment in your apartment will pay off.

Carefully inspect your apartment and remove loose handles and broken light switches, dirt and stains, mold in tile joints, and loose wallpaper. All of these should be cleaned up. Focus on the kitchen and bathroom, defects in these areas are especially noticeable, and future tenants are always paying attention to them.

Overall, the apartment should leave a fresh impression. Often this can be achieved with the help of light single-colored wallpaper. Their pasting, by the way, is one of the most budget-friendly options to dramatically change the impression of the apartment.
In the ad it is important to write that the apartment has everything for a comfortable life: a kitchen set with a refrigerator, a stove, a microwave oven, a washing machine, comfortable beds and cabinets next to them. But the TV is no longer needed. The absence of some basic elements of furniture and equipment can be a reason to refuse to rent an apartment.

Get rid of old and unnecessary furniture, store things in closets, on the balcony and on the mezzanine. All storage space should be for tenants only.

But don’t make any concessions. If the tenant wants air conditioning, a dishwasher, an expensive plasma panel, feel free to refuse. Do not make the apartment comfortable for a particular person, otherwise you will spend a lot of money, and he will move out next month.

Photos: sun, views, and order


There’s no point in submitting an ad without pictures at all. No one is looking at them.
Before the photo shoot, do a general cleaning, arrange the furniture comfortably, remove all unnecessary things, free up surfaces. The apartment should appear in the frame in the form in which you will rent it to tenants. If there is a carpet on the floor, which you are going to leave, remove it from the frame.

It’s wise to fill the house with cute little things. Buy a new bathroom curtain, a toothbrush stand, put a rug by the entrance, make the bed with linens or a bedspread.

Try to stick to a neutral style. This way the apartment will appeal to women and men, people of different ages.

Photograph the room in the daytime in sunny weather. Pay attention to large pictures that cover the entire room. Take photos of the view from the window, the entryway, and the outside of the house. This way, potential tenants will be able to fully appreciate the layout, arrangement of furniture and furnishings.

It is better to invite a professional photographer or at least ask your friends for a professional camera.