A few years back, I had a girlfriend named Leigh. She was cool. She had long blonde hair, and a really great sense of style. We hung out a lot. And, when she broke up with me, I was, like, totally bummed. Leigh was my first real girlfriend, so I guess you could say I was her first real boyfriend. Anyway, I really wanted to see her again. I might even have missed her a little, you know? So, I wrote Borderlands 3.

I’ve been a fan of Borderlands since the second game came out back in 2009. I was looking forward to the third game and I thought, “This is going to be great!” But it wasn’t. Firstly, it was a massive disappointment, as it was so far from the fun, crazy, and unpredictable nature of the previous games. The DLC was lackluster and seemed like they wanted to make more money by continuing to milk the franchise for all its worth. But I didn’t know that at the time, of course. I also didn’t know that it would be one of the hardest games I’ve ever played. I got it on sale and thought, “What do I have to lose?”

Like most games, Borderlands 3 has a pretty robust and lengthy list of side missions, most of which are optional and don’t require you to play the game in a very particular way or have a certain level of power or fame. When you’re playing the game, you’ll usually complete these side missions one at a time. That’s not always your best option, though. Sometimes, you can take advantage of the game’s story and decide that you want to do those side missions as a group, all at once. Better yet, you can see if you can get a few friends to join you on your mission.

Life of the Party is a side quest found in Pandora in the game Borderlands 3.

This quest is available after completing the Boom Boom City side quest.

Your goal is to attend a little girl’s birthday party with Mordecai.

Recommended level: 30 and up.

Pick up of special flowers

The first thing you need to do is find special flowers. They are everywhere, and there will be rocks around them.

Meeting with Mordecai

When you have collected 5 flowers, go to the birthday party and meet Mordecai.

Laying flowers on the grave

When you hear that the girl has died, you put flowers on her tombstone.

Talk to Hirschim, the girl’s father.

Eat cake or break Gracie’s record

The first game of the party is to eat only cakes or beat Gracie’s record of 12 cakes.

The pies are scattered throughout the region. It’s best if you don’t break their record. If not, the Hirschim will be disappointed.

Throwing a grenade

The next game is grenade throw. Gracie’s record is 50 points.

Again: If you decide to stop after 5 shells, keep her daughter’s file.

Just tell him you’re tired.

Set or break a record Gracie

The last play is to shoot Rakkam. You can keep Gracie’s record intact or you can beat it.

To start the game, pet the dog.

Again: If you want a happy ending, go for the record.

There is a specific time to kill raccoons.

Destroy Pinata

If you let Gracie’s record stand after three games, Hirsim will thank you for being such a good man.

You can also destroy the pinata. Inside you will find weapons or objects.

He will also give you a legendary gun and money after completing the mission.

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