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Going to a casino is one of the most common ways for many people to inject a little fun and thrill into their life. For some, it’s a purely social activity, while others are there purely for the chance to win some money. One thing that’s for sure, the whole atmosphere of a casino can seem pretty wild and out there at times.

For instance, when the drinks are flowing, and guests are letting loose. It can also be fraught with emotion, as tension runs high among people who are either winning big time or losing big time. In short, a casino is a perfect location for some pretty bad behavior. This is why security is so tight and rules and regulations are heavily enforced.

Still, there are a few things that guests do, that won’t get them in huge trouble. But that dealers and staff at the live casino absolutely can’t stand.

If you want to ensure your face is always welcome at a certain dealer’s table, avoid doing the following.

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Flirting Too Much

Casinos in certain areas tend to hire attractive dealers, especially the live casinos that come across at sites like, who are literal models. Therefore, it’s a given that dealers will have to deal with a fair bit of flirtation. However, some guests tend to take things too far. Especially those that partake a little too heavily in alcohol. Often, they will come across to crossing the line of flirtation to downright sexual harassment.

Being Loud and Obnoxious

Another product of over-drinking, but sometimes not. Many guests love to really let loose in the casino. Moreover, it’s more common for them to arrive in groups rather than solo. And some groups can get quite loud and obnoxious as they try to outdo each other at the tables.

Of course, getting too drunk and treating the casino like a bar is something you should avoid at all times. It’s important to maintain a professional and polite attitude at all times. Additionally, taking things too far might even get you escorted out of the casino. Especially if you are bothering the other guests.

Interrupting the Game to Ask Questions

Some guests can be very inconsiderate of other players and the dealers who are juggling many different things at the same time. They love to be the center of attention and believe the game revolves around them. But interrupting the game, or other players to ask a question or make a remark is not only impolite, but it’s also disruptive. It could end up causing problems with the game. Just remember that everyone at the table is there for the same reason as you, to have some fun and hopefully win a little money as well. So being considerate at all times is an absolute must.

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Getting Angry When They’re Losing

According to dealers understand that it can be emotionally distressing when you’re having streak of bad luck and keep losing. Of course, you’re human and you’re bound to become upset by this. However, the thing to do when the game is not going your way is to exit before you lose so much money that it causes you to display aggression or anger.

Never let it get to the point where you are swearing loudly or getting aggressively angry about the outcomes before you quit.

Boasting Too Much About Wins

Just as players get upset when they are losing, some also get too confident when they are winning. For instance, dealers and even other players at the table find it extremely annoying when a winning player is showing off too much at the table. Not only is this kind of behaviour disruptive, but it can also be very insensitive to the players at the table that are not doing as well as you are.

Not Tipping

Casino dealer salaries are similar to that of bartenders and waitresses, where they do depend on tips as part of their income. Therefore, it’s not nice to leave the table without leaving a tip for the dealer. Even a small one to show your appreciation for their friendliness and patience with you. Being a dealer isn’t always an easy job, as you can see from the above behaviours they have to contend with every single day or night.

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Spilling Your Drink on the Table

There are cupholders at casino tables for a reason, so use them to avoid spilling our drink on the table. You might have noticed that casinos are always super clean and tidy to maintain a certain decorum and elegance. This is to make up for the somewhat chaotic environment as it is.

Therefore, you spilling a drink, interrupting the game or worse, causing problems for the other players as a result is something to avoid doing. Again, this goes hand in hand with keeping your drinking in check and maintaining a calm attitude.

Blaming the Dealer for Their Losses

Dealers have very strict rules and codes they must abide by in every single game in the casino. Furthermore, just like you, they also have eyes on them at all times to ensure they are doing their jobs properly. What this tells you, is that there really isn’t much room for a dealer to deviate from the protocol. So, whether you are winning or losing, it is in no way within the control of the dealer.

Most games are all about luck and have nothing to do with either the skill of the dealer you are up against or other players. For this reason, it’s absolutely pointless to get upset at the dealer or other casino staff when you take a loss. Blame it all on lady luck.


It’s really not hard to be a kind and polite guest at a casino. All you need to do is avoid making any of the above mistakes. In fact, the vast majority of casino visitors are perfectly nice, and dealers love them and root for them.