Insects and other household pests are horrible, unwanted guests whose presence causes panic, fear, or discomfort. Therefore, you need to perform pest control of your home from time to time. But how many times a year is it ideal to perform this type of control? Here’s what to do.

How To Get Rid of House Pests?

Insects, rodents, and other pests pose a potential threat to your home. Not only are they not cute – but they can sometimes be even dangerous. It can be especially dangerous if pests come in contact with your belongings or food in the house. This can be very hazardous due to possible pathogen transmission. Also, pests can sometimes cause mechanical or other damage to your home or contaminate it with feces, hair, etc. Therefore, it is very important that you carry out pest control in your home several times a year. Of course, you can’t always do it alone because each type of pest requires a different approach and way of reacting. It is difficult to remember them all, but when uninvited guests appear in the house – the reaction must be quick.

How Often Do We Need To Carry Out Pest Control?


Although you may not have noticed them, this does not mean that pests are not present in your home. Therefore, do not think that they do not exist. Sometimes insects are hidden in the corners and even under the floors where they can make whole nests, like ants, etc. On the other hand, rodents will hide when they sense the presence of people in the area, but they may be right there somewhere next to your sewer drain or in your garage.

Therefore, it is very important that you carry out the control at least 3 to 4 times during the year. Why even 3 to 4 times? You are probably wondering about it because you are worried about the cost of commercial pest control. Trust us, it will pay you far more than having destroyed property or catch diseases that these pests can transmit. Because there are many so-called seasonal pests that can do great damage to your home in a very short time.

Pest Control Analysis And Assessment Of Risks

This is very important to do, primarily for health – and then for other reasons too. Namely, there are certain pests that can cause problems, and the danger of their infestation is very high. Here above all we face:



They carry with them the danger of causing economic damage due to the destruction of objects and installations – which can be especially dangerous when it comes to electricity. From a health point of view, rodents are possible natural reservoirs and carriers of various infectious diseases.


There are also insects that are especially annoying and which are sometimes difficult to get rid of. Among them, we primarily include:



Although not proven as biological vectors of infectious diseases, cockroaches pose a great and constant danger as mechanical vectors of transmission of infectious diseases – such as salmonella, staphylococcus, dysentery, etc. The cockroach finding in any case indicates poor hygienic and sanitary conditions of the facility.


The danger is in their easy transmission of all kinds of microorganisms. Impurities and microorganisms, which are the most common causes of intestinal infectious diseases, are easily caught on the hairy body of flies.

Other Pests


In addition to the mentioned main pests – there may be others that cause direct or indirect damage. For example, cats can cause direct damage, and also contamination with urine and feces. That way, they can be a vector of some infectious diseases – as well as carriers of fleas. We can say the same for pigeons and some other unwanted animals that get into the house.

The Bottom Line

These are just some of the pests you may encounter in your home, yard, or garage. When you take all this into account, you will realize that a three-month control is not such a bad idea.