Have you ever done a DNA test? If your answer is no, then you would most certainly be surprised to hear how often these tests are being done.

No one expects to need a DNA test in their lifetime, but it’s just something that happens in reality. Thanks to the invention of DNA testing, science has revolutionized many things and we are all aware of the importance these tests have in many people’s lives. This test even solved many legal issues, cases of all kinds, and helped millions of people around the world who were in need and who were seeking the truth.

However, it’s also important to mention that many people hesitate to do a DNA test because they cannot afford it. Although this is a simple process, we are imagining it as we usually see it in the movies: a big laboratory with a couple of nurses and a very complex procedure. But is it really like this in real life? Simply put –the answer is no. Depending on what type of test you choose, this will only take a couple of minutes.


But firstly, let’s talk about the importance of DNA testing in general. Aside from its most common and most popular purpose, and that is – finding your relatives or getting information about your ancestry, or simply doing a paternity test, there are multiple other uses that should be mentioned, and that make a huge difference and help scientific, legal, and other research, on a daily basis.

Aside from its most common use, the second most common use would be DNA testing in disputes and as forensic evidence for numerous cases. In the majority of situations, a case is solved with the help of DNA testing, so this makes it a crucial element of investigation. Just imagine how bodies would be identified, if there were no tests of this kind. This is only one example, but there are dozens of uses and benefits this type of testing has brought to many fields.

It’s also important to mention that when it comes to your health, genetic testing plays an extremely significant role, especially for pregnant women but also generally speaking – as an accurate way to detect potential diseases, or in other words – genetic mistakes in one’s DNA. This is a preventive measure that saves lives and helps fight many conditions, which is why it must be on the list of the most impressive uses of genetic testing.

There are also several uses in agriculture and many other fields of science.


But aside from the professional genetic testing that can be done in laboratories, you’ve probably seen over-the-counter DNA tests and wondered if they are accurate or not. For many people, this kind of testing is something that they postponed because it was something they couldn’t afford. On the contrary, genetic tests that can be done at home might be the perfect alternative and a quick solution to your problems, if you need to do a paternity or ancestry test.

If you’ve wondered if they are accurate or not, the answer is – they are. However, there are several factors that influence this, such as the brand for these tests along with the price. If you’ve wondered how much is a DNA test in Florida, then it’s good to know that the prices vary from $150 to $400. There are also certain programs that you can indulge in if you want to get a free paternity test. However, the vast majority of these tests are roughly around $200. Also, keep in mind that the most expensive tests can cost you even $2,000.00 dollars. The best thing you can do is to read reviews, do small research beforehand, and therefore pick the brand that is the most reliable and reputable one. At the same time, this is how you can be sure that your test is the most accurate one.

Finally, there is evidence that some people did several tests from different companies, and there were certain mistakes shown, as well as changes. This, however, should be researched more.


The best option home DNA tests offer are the comparisons with other people in large databases, that count million people around the globe. Your genetic results are being analyzed and then added into the system, which is how you can easily find your roots, and cousins, as well as discover more information about yourself. All of these are the reasons why people usually decide to do these tests, aside from the paternity ones that have a clear and understandable purpose. Also, you might be curious to find out if there are any predispositions for diseases in your family, and either you choose to do home tests or the more expensive ones, you can make sure they are accurate enough, and make a good first step after which you can go further and research more about yourself from different sources.

Finally, did you know how these tests work? They usually consist of a kit that is there to preserve your saliva and send it to a laboratory, depending on the brand. That means that you can order any of them online, and then simply follow the instructions and leave your saliva where needed. After that, it will be analyzed, and you will get the results via email or a letter.

That being said, these tests are both convenient and affordable which are two of the biggest factors why people choose to pick them. Not to mention the importance of discovering certain diseases on time, and starting the treatment in the early stages. This is especially the case with some types of cancers that can be discovered if some gene mutations are being found.

Although home DNA tests are usually accurate, there is a slight chance that there will be a false result. You need to keep this in mind when first doing a test, and do at least 2 if you want to make sure that the result you’re getting is accurate.