There are different types of producers depending on their main focus. The two main types are those who are creating their music, and people who are editing and producing tracks for their clients. The development of new technologies had a huge impact on this area, and it is an unavoidable part of the process today. Therefore, if you are an artist who wants to share an album or single, contacting a good record producer is essential since he will secure the right quality of your work.

Main Features

The most important feature of a good producer is to be able to edit the sound and make it better. Both technical knowledge and experience are very important here. The key is to help an artist to share his albums in the best possible quality.

This person should be able to improve the quality, but also suggest some changes, and add new parts like lines, instruments, and more. Besides the music industry, these people can work in other areas, like editing sound for commercials, radio programs, TV shows, movies, and many other projects involving sound.

Required Skills


The essential part is to learn how to use DAWs, which are special software for editing and creating sound. Some of the most popular options are FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro, and more. There are special editing programs like Sound Forge. Also, you will have to learn how to use different layers, combine sounds, use the mixer, separate the mic from the main track, and many other features.

It might seem simple when you check some of these programs for the first time, and it is a common misconception among those without any experience in this area that making and editing music with these options is simple. Keep in mind that it will require years of experience to become an expert in this area.

Talent and good music taste are also needed. When you have these skills, it will be much easier to learn the technical part. The great thing is that there are many tutorials where you can learn more about different DAWs.

Moreover, you will need at least basic music knowledge and how to recognize notes or compose at least simple lines. Also, it is required for record producers to know how to combine different layers of sounds into one track. For example, instrumental and vocal.

Working With Clients

This part can be quite complex, and it very much depends on the quality of the track that your client wants to edit. For example, the process will be easier when your client only needs your equipment to combine the vocal in the right way.

You will simply combine several layers and the right filters. However, most of them are looking for more than this, and they are expecting a producer to change the sound or create the instrumental. Therefore, it is important to offer higher flexibility and to be able to compose instead of only editing and dealing with the technical part.

Considering that this industry is huge today and that there are many people interested in becoming more popular by sharing new tracks, working in this area can be profitable. However, you will have to find a way to reach more people. You can do that with the help of social networks, by having a good website, and by recommendations of your previous clients.

Required Equipment


This also depends on your main focus. If you want to be a record producer who will only work on personal tracks without dealing with clients, you can do that by only using your PC. However, there are some advanced hardware options needed for a high-quality sound, like a good sound card, decent speakers, MIDI controller, and more.

Keep in mind that the quality of your equipment can affect the music you are producing in many ways. You cannot expect to make the same quality by using some basic headphones without any additional tools. It might sound good on them, but you will notice the difference once you play your track on better speakers.

A good microphone is also essential if you are going to provide clients with producing services. Besides that, you will need a separate room for that. The best option is to have a studio where the room with the mic will be separated from the one where is your equipment.

Rise of Bedroom Producers

A bedroom producer is a person who does not own a professional studio, but that is making music by using a PC and some basic equipment. It became very popular in the last two decades with the introduction of software where you can make almost the same quality as when you are in the studio.

The barrier to quality is getting lower with further development of hardware and software. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about quality if you have a high-end PC and the most recent version of some DAW, along with good speakers, headphones, and sound cards.

The expansion was especially huge in the 2010s when people started using platforms like Sound Cloud and Band camp, which are specially made for unknown producers to reach more people. Suddenly, starting with your career was much easier. You don’t need to sign a popular record label anymore. However, the competition is huge, and reaching more people means that you must create something unique and high-quality.

There are many examples, like XXYYXX with their unique sound, or Skrillex, who managed to become one of the most popular names in electronic music and define a new sound and subgenre of Dubstep. Most people who are making various subgenres of electronic music and hip-hop started this way.

The main advantage is that you can play around without risking too much since you don’t have to invest a lot of money. However, that is only the introduction to becoming a record producer. If you want to be a professional, having a studio and high-end equipment is a must.

How To Become a Pro?

As we already mentioned, possessing some unique skills and being talented are key elements. Besides that, if you want to offer your services to clients, you will need to learn more about different genres and improve your producing skills for various types of music. There is also a difficult part where you have to balance between being direct with your opinions and simply following the instructions of your clients.

You might have a different taste or you simply don’t like the song you are editing. You will need some experience to learn when it is a good choice to suggest some changes, or simply complete the project without expressing any personal thoughts.

For example, when there is a hip-hop artist who already has a finished instrumental, and you need him only to combine the layers and provide a studio with a mic and proper equipment, that will be a simple way for you to earn money, and there is no reason to express any thoughts if you don’t like the track or you think that it needs some improvements. You can do that only if your client is interested in paying more for your services.

Determining the price can be complicated as well, and it very much depends on your services. For example, simply providing your equipment and recording the song is much cheaper than a service where you also have to deal with post-production, adding new parts of the track, making some significant changes, and more.

Good Promotion is the Key

The biggest challenge is huge competition because everyone can become a record producer these days. Therefore, it is crucial to make your clients satisfied and to use different types of promotions to reach more people. You will need a good website where you can share your work. Also, having a combination of popular social networks can bring some benefits. Besides that, you should open a YT channel where you can share cuts from your projects.

In case you are also creating your own tracks, that is a great way to show that you can secure a high-quality and unique sound. There are many record producers who are also artists. Also, that will help you increase your popularity and make people more interested in your services.

Last Words

A record producer is an expert capable of editing and creating sounds, and he can work in different areas. The main focus is on music, but you can create sounds for video games, software, ads, TV shows, and much more.

The great thing is that you don’t need to invest a lot of money to start with production. You can do that with a basic PC, and then you can start investing in better equipment over time. Also, you don’t have to focus on only one area in this field since you can combine both composing your own tracks and offering your production skills to clients.

In the end, the key is to provide high quality and the ability to add changes that will make some sounds more interesting and unique.