Wood is used to make the majority of furniture. It might be challenging to choose high-quality, well-designed hardwood furniture. Aside from the numerous types of wood, there are distinct styles and building approaches. After reading this post, you will see that judging the quality of a timber coffee table is not difficult for coffee tables Australia.

How Can You Determine The Quality Of Furniture Based On The Wood Types?


Natural Beauty

Why is wooden furniture so popular? The main reason is due to its natural features. Its wooden hue conjures us images of nature, giving us a unique and secure sense of environmental protection. Its beautiful grain and texture provide a new meaning to wooden furniture.

Long Service Life

It is the second most significant reason to choose wooden furniture. Wooden furniture will survive longer than other varieties if you pick the proper wood. Wood is classified into two types: soft and hard. With age, wood becomes more durable. As a result, if you want the furniture to last a lot longer, hardwood furniture would be the ideal option. However, note that dents or scrapes on your timber coffee table may occur with use.

Comfort and affordable

When compared to other types of furniture, hardwood furniture provides better support and comfort. On the one hand, since hardwood furniture is not brittle, you need not consider its weight capacity. On the other hand, hardwood furniture contains no dangerous chemical ingredients like formaldehyde. It is a suitable timber coffee table for persons, from infants to the elderly.

Some Of The Popular Hardwoods



Oak is a solid and flexible wood commonly used in trimming and framing within kitchens, flooring, and cabinets. It usually is available in two colours: red and white. Red oak, which has a slight pink colour, is more prevalent. Because it is somewhat porous, It is only suitable for usage inside. It is a superb furniture wood and is most likely the least expensive wood for most applications.


Mahogany has a reddish-brown hue and even texture, medium toughness, is simple to carve and has excellent durability and resilience. It’s common in veneers and chopped pieces of wood. It is a low-cost wood that can stain to seem like more costly wood.



It is widely used in cabinet building, boat trim, and sturdy furniture handles because of its rich colour, mild hardness, and excellent shock and wear resistance.


It is less costly and easier to work with, and it has superior strength, stability, and stress resistance. Also, you can carve on it. Walnut is a popular material for veneers, panelling, and solid furniture.



Teak is used in high-end furniture, panelling, doors, window frames, and flooring. It is a robust, moisture-resistant wood that is resistant to warping and breaking.


It’s used to make bentwood, baseball bats, and brooms. It is sometimes used for unpainted house and office furniture. Also, it has a nice contrasting colour, is reasonably priced, and is a heavyweight. The prominent feature is strong shock resistance.

Types of softwoods



It is lightweight, simple to work with, and has a consistent texture. It is commonly used in home building, panelling, and moulding.


Cedar is a reddish timber with fragrances that’s resistant to decay and simple to handle. Cedar is used to making chests, closet linings, and Venetian blinds.

Other woods that have been developed


MDF (medium density fiberboard)

It’s constructed of powdered wood that’s been glued together and crushed into sheets.

It’s pretty soft and straightforward to work on, but it’s often used for interior projects like cabinets and shelves.

How Can I Tell Whether A Piece Of Wood Is Of Good Quality Based On Its Finish?


Without a doubt, high-quality wood furniture does have an excellent polish. Finishing techniques are sometimes divided into three stages: sanding, finishing, & finishing. If you skip any of the stages, your overall quality of such furniture may suffer.


It is the most crucial phase in the process. If the initial stage is not accomplished correctly, the stain & finish will get low marks regardless of how hard you work. Examine the finish from various angles using illumination that reflects the surface to see whether this is the case. If you discovered black lines, white specks, stains, or scars, your furniture might not have been thoroughly sanded.



A lovely stain may aid in bringing out the natural beauty of wood. Examine the surface to determine the staining’s quality. For an excellent paint, applying the pigment equally eliminates the dark blotches.


A high-quality finish is silky smooth and devoid of rough patches, dusty speckles, or bubbles. To limit the likelihood of swelling or shrinking, both the back and underside should be evaluated.


Judging the quality of a timber coffee table is not difficult in choosing coffee tables in Australia. Moreover, furniture lasts longer than the others if you use the proper wood. Wood is classified into two types: soft and hard. Hardwood furniture has no dangerous chemical ingredients like formaldehyde. However, it’s a little pricey. Nevertheless, it is challenging to break, so it is quite ideal for long-term use.