While some people might think that only politicians are those who must have protection all the time, you should know that many high-profile people choose this option more often. There is a stigma around people who have security around them, and many people might think that they are involved in criminal activities. However, if you are a CEO of some big company, or you think that might be in danger for any reason, it is always a good option to consider hiring executive protection.

On the other side, it can be a good way to find a new job. These positions are often well-paid, depending on the status of the person you are protecting. Still, getting such a job will require certain specifications and experience. The best option is to obtain an official course where you can learn more about protection, like

If you have some experience as a bodyguard, that won’t be enough to simply apply or gather a team f people and start working as executive protection. The requirements are to have experience in bodyguarding, proper training, and to know how to use the modern processes to monitor and keep people safe. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the most important things that you should know about executive protection.

1. Why Are Companies Interested in This Service?


The main reason why some people or organizations consider this option as a good solution is when they are feeling threatened. If you are responsible for gathering a team that will protect certain people or facilities, you have to keep in mind that the evaluation of the situation is crucial. Therefore, you must determine the level of risks, what is the threat, and what are the chances for actual action.

The reason can be different. For example, the celebrity might want protection since a lot of people might try to approach that person whenever it goes. Politicians could be scared of the public due to certain occasions. Moreover, some people might consider it a good choice when they are traveling abroad to some countries with an increased risk of terrorist attacks, thieves, and more.

2. Things to Consider When Building a Team


The key is to find people who are well-trained and have previous experience. That is one of the main reasons why people who were in the military often choose this profession when they finish their service. Also, it is crucial to check the background of each person and see if they were involved in criminal activities. There is to do the checking. Besides that, you have to be sure that they are reliable, honest, and good with communication.

We already mentioned that the analysis of risks can be very important. That will help you to determine how many people should be in the team, how much time to spend on monitoring, and which resources you might need.

For example, do you need a simple guard with a walkie-talkie or fully equipped people with weapons? In case that the person that seeks protection already had some issues in the past, like threats or murder attempts, it is crucial to set a team to constantly monitor that person along with an area around it.

3. Most Important Attributes Of Guards


It is not simple when you are looking to hire protection or gather a team of people. As we already mentioned, the crucial part is to check their history so you can avoid even bigger issues by letting those with a criminal past end in your team. The danger is that they might decide to repeat some actions, like stealing the funds and valuable items in the house of the person you are guarding.

The skills you should look for are excellent communication, writing, proper customer service, ability to make fast and accurate decisions, outstanding driving skills, advanced computer skills, experience with weapons, and excellent physical and mental conditions.

4. How Much Does it Cost?


The reason why so many people with previous experience in the military and guarding are interested in this option is that it can provide a great salary of at least $120,000 per year. The price can go even higher depending on the potential dangers.

Also, as an executive guard, you can expect various bonuses for special dates, night shifts, and more. When looking at the aspect of the company that is looking for this option, it might require millions of dollars per year if they want a team of professionals to take care of the security of facilities and certain people on the executive board.

5. How To Become Executive Protector?


In case that you don’t have previous experience, there is still a chance for you to start working as a guard. First of all, you have to be well-trained, which is related to physical condition. Also, you must be intelligent and familiar with advanced technologies.

More skills you have, you can expect a higher salary after getting this position. There are some schools and courses where you can learn more about the security, weapons, and methods that these teams are using to take care of the security. After you manage to get into the team, be sure to be focused all the time, communicate with other members, share reports, and be ready to act at any moment.


In the end, if you have a team of people responsible for the security of certain people, it is crucial to consider the implementation of advanced technologies that will help you to monitor them all the time. Therefore, invest in sensors, cameras, vehicles, and special mobile devices that cannot be hacked.

The analysis of potential risks is crucial so you can determine the potential threats. When the person you are protecting is in a serious danger, it is crucial for it to be surrounded by your team all the team, and that there are members spread across the distant area and looking for any suspicious people all the time. The same is with the facilities where someone might try to steal valuable items or documentation.