When it comes to playing casino games, you’ve likely seen card players sit across from each other as they try their best to blank face their opponents and avoid giving away tells. Fast forward to the present day and you can enjoy the same experience but have it in the comfort of your own home, sitting in front of your computer or on your phone.

If you’ve been wondering what games are popular to play and try, the following list will help you decide which game to play next, or which game to try your hand at for the first time.



1. Blackjack

One of the most popular games to date, blackjack (or 21) is not only a great game to start playing, but it is also relatively easy to learn if you’re new to the gambling world. While there are plenty of techniques and nuances to keep track of, the just of the game is that if a player has a hand that totals 21 – such as an ace and a ten, they have blackjack.

If you go over 21 you are ‘bust’ and lose. The fun is in how quickly you can reach the total – or just below it – to win. Most blackjack games play out hitting blackjack directly at 3:2 odds, while other card combination wins result in a money pay-out. In all blackjack games, you’re betting directly against the dealer – and not another player.

2. Poker

No list would be complete without adding in the time-honored game of poker, which has been around for numerous decades. There are plenty of iterations of it that keep it interesting for old-hat players, but the most common types of poker you’ll encounter online are Texas Hold’em and 5-card draw.

Both of these rely on one player having the best hand and beating other players. There are so many layers that require study and skill-building, but it’s a worthwhile one to brush up on since there are so many tournaments going on daily, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to play.



Games of dice have been played for a millennium and are a good option if you’re after a quick game of fun since no skill is required since dice games rely entirely on luck or chance. The dots on dice add up to six, and depending on which dice game you play, you’ll have a set of rules to learn and follow.

Popular dice games you’ll encounter in the online gambling casino world include Yahtzee, Balut, and even options such as a 5-dice duel. You’ll also find out that there is fun themed dice option around like Spook mansion. Take your time finding an online dice game you enjoy as it’ll be the one that you return to again, and again.

Other Popular Online Games


1. Slots

Slots are one of the age-old loves, which you’ll remember players sitting at pulling leavers and hearing bells chiming on casino floors of old. Of course, their online counterparts are just as fun, with light-up sections, bells and whistles, and catchy theme music.

Slots are great for completely new gamblers since they don’t require skills – and the only skill required when it comes to reading the reels is how much you’re going to bet.

You can find plenty of slot games that cost very little or can be played with free bonus signup spins, allowing you plenty of time to find a game you enjoy. Themed games are very popular online with choices such as Goblin’s Cave, Private Eye, Starburst, and Sunrise Reels being amongst the most popular to be found.

2. Roulette

Much like a giant game show wheel, Roulette tables used to dominate entire rooms or floors at brick and mortar casinos and were often featured in movies as a dapper hero got a pretty lady to blow on the dice for luck. Online, however, you’ll find roulette being played with soft background sounds and realistic dice-landing ones.

The aim of the game is to predict where the ball will end up after the roulette wheel has been spun. Bets can be placed on the number value, the high or low odds, or even the color upon which the ball will land. The pay-outs are matched according to the bet placed, and online roulette wheels often are the first port of call for new players.

3. Baccarat

The game of baccarat is one that has had many highs and lows over its rise to fame. Nowadays, it’s one of the top options found in online casinos. This is due, in part, to the variety of options there are when it comes to playing it.

From punto banco and baccarat squeeze to mini baccarat and speed baccarat, there’s going to be something for everyone to enjoy online. The rules are complicated to learn from the beginning but once you have them memorized, the gameplay becomes quite simple to follow. The main point is to bet on either the player or the bank, as who it is you think will win. Cards are placed down and winning depends on the number chosen.


  • As with most casino games, ensure you’re comfortable with the idea of the game before you begin playing – as it’s not going to be fun if you realize halfway through a high-stake bet that you have no idea how to win appropriately or if your card hand can be safely built upon to form a winning hand.
  • Find a reputable online casino to play at. Online forums and chat sites will often have players discuss which casinos they visit online and why they like them.
  • Shop around for the best grand rush casino no deposit bonus. Before you start a signup process for an online casino, look around for which ones have great signup bonuses or give away free credits or spins when players log in daily. You’ll get to have extra fun on those sites since you’ll be getting additional playtime or spin options.
  • Don’t ever bet more than you can comfortably lose – it’s never a good idea to use your rent money or grocery money for a few hours – or minutes of free play. Rather, use your excess money to have fun responsibly.
  • Now that you have a good idea of what online casino games are most popular, it’s time to get out there and start playing some of them!