Last week, Microsoft launched a new, full-featured version of its Sticky Notes app. The new Notes app is great, but it’s missing one very important feature: the ability to create custom tags. Fortunately, Microsoft said it will add tags to the Notes app in the future, and Sticky Notes users won’t have to wait long.

Microsoft unveiled a new version of its sticky note app, Microsoft Sticky Notes, with a couple of new features. Users can now assign a tag to a note and, if they want, share the tag with the person they’re sending the note to. Tags give users the ability to categorize notes, making it easy to find notes based on their purpose. Tags can be used as reminder of specific things people need to do, or which locations they need to go to. Tags can also be used to organize notes into folders, which makes it easy to find notes based on who they’re sent to in addition to their contents.


Microsoft has joined the ranks of the other tech giants in adding support for tag-based organization to their Sticky Notes app, including Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, iOS and Android phones. What’s interesting about this change is that the app will now filter notes based on the tags you create in the app. This could be a great way to find notes you’ve created based on notes that your coworkers have created.

Sticky Notes is a great way to pin important notes and messages to your desktop in Windows 10.

They also sync with your smartphone and then appear as a widget directly in the Microsoft Launcher feed, for example. Today, Microsoft seems to be working on two nifty new features for the Windows 10 app.

Sticky notes with label holder

ALumia colleagues got their hands on an unreleased version of the app and discovered two new features.

In the future, there will be an advanced mode that will allow you to expand the view in the quick note preview, edit the associated note, and pin it to your desktop.

Also, your short notes will support tags in the future. You can just use a hashtag and tag your post. Perhaps in the future you will be able to easily mark and retrieve multiple notes on the same topic.

These two new features are not yet available to users, but will likely be rolled out to Insiders soon. A version for regular users will also follow soon if Insiders don’t notice any major problems.Microsoft Sticky Notes, an app that lets you create sticky notes that can be pinned to your desktop and access later, has been around for a while. But that doesn’t mean it’s not got any new tricks up its sleeve. The company has been working on a feature called Tags, which lets you link notes to other content. You can now capture the idea for a new blog post or project, add the title and list of ideas at the end of a note, then publish the note and get the idea into the world.. Read more about how to pin sticky notes to desktop and let us know what you think.