Would you send wilted flowers to someone? Of course, not. But what if they are too sensitive and wilt on your way? Well, there are ways to keep them fresh. Furthermore, how can flower wilt in a few minutes? If you want to give it to someone, go to the flower shop, buy a bouquet and take it to the person. That’s it.

However, things are not always this simple. Sometimes, people are not around their loved ones. Therefore, it is not possible for them to take the bouquet by themselves.

For example, you need to send flowers to Bangalore but you are not in India at the moment. So what choice are you left with? Well, now we are living in the digital world. So we have the option of making an online booking.

You can send flowers to India through They have plenty of options available. You can easily get various types of flower. They have red, white and yellow roses. In addition to this, you can also get some exotic flowers. The bouquets are also available in different designs and packages. You can get a package that comes with chocolates of your choice and cakes. So you can send a perfect gift to your loved ones.

And if you are worried about the situation of the flowers, no need to worry about it. There are various ways of keeping the flower fresh. Some of them include;

1. Make your booking from a local floral shop


The best way to send fresh flowers to someone is through a local floral store. A number of florists are now available online. You can make your order and your loved ones will get the bouquet on time. Furthermore, it won’t be a long distance. Therefore, they will remain fresh. The florist will complete your order on time and deliver it while keeping it in good shape.

2. Keep the ends wet

If you are sending flowers from a long distance, it is risky. They might wilt because of a long distance. Furthermore, they are already cut from the ends. If they do not get enough water, they will wilt.

So if you have no choice but to send flowers by yourself, make sure that you provide the flowers with enough moisture content. The best way to do so is to wrap the ends with a wet towel.

To do so, you will need a cotton clothing piece. Soak it in water and then press it to remove some extra dripping water. Afterward, while the cloth is still wet, wrap the ends with it.

Now wrap the bouquet with a plastic sheet instead of paper. As the cotton cloth is wet, it will ruin the paper packing. Therefore, plastic wrapping is the best choice. It will not only retain water but will also make your bouquet look good.

3. Using plastic bags


Another way of keeping the flower fresh over a very long distance is through the provision of water. To do so, you can take a small plastic bag and keep some water in it. Now place the flowers in this bag while keeping the ends soaked with water.

However, make sure to not overfill the plastic bag. The purpose is to prevent dehydration not to provide too much water. Therefore, there should only be some water droplets in the bag. You can keep the end of the flowers wet and then put them in a plastic bag.

Now wrap the bag tightly so that the water does not evaporate. This will provide enough water source to the stems.

4. Using conditioning solution

Just like hair conditioners soften our hair, floral conditioners keep the flowers fresh for a long time. There is a conditioning solution available in the market from various brands. You can get this solution and it is 50 percent effective.

If you use a conditioner and without a conditioner, there is a 50 percent difference between both. There is a 50 percent more chance that the flowers with conditioners will be fresher.

5. Floral food


There is another option for a very long-distance parcel and it is floral food. You can keep some floral food in the packaging container and make sure that the ends have plenty of supply of this nutrition. This will keep the bouquet fresh and healthy for a long time.

Therefore, even if you have to send the bouquet from overseas, there won’t be a risk of wilting. So send the favorite flowers of your loved ones from abroad and make them happy.

6. Make a proper packaging

Another way of saving the bouquet is to keep some room in the box so that the flowers remain safe. The packaging box should not be too small. You should keep the room 1 to 2 inches so that they remain free.

The best way is to keep a larger box and place some paper and clothing on the surface. Now place the flowers on the base and cover them with another paper.

The best packaging material is wood. There is less chance of the wooden box getting damaged. Furthermore, it will keep the flower intact. On the other hand, if you use a normal carton box, it might get pinched and damaged. This will also ruin the flowers. Therefore, you should make sure that the box that you use is tough enough.

7. Select flowers carefully


Another important factor is the choice of flowers. There are certain plants that wilt away very quickly. On the other hand, some flowers are tough enough and stay fresh for a longer time. Therefore, if you are sending them from abroad, make sure you do not choose exotic ones. They are more sensitive and can get affected by temperature differences during the flight.

Another thing that you can make is to choose the best delivery service.