If you are not familiar with modern construction methods, the Timber frame is one of the best choices to start with. Timber frames are currently in trend for most construction purposes including self-built homes. There are many reasons why people are increasingly opting for Timber frames. Contrast to brick homes, Timber frame constructions are considered sustainable alternatives and save a lot of time as these construction processes demand very little time. Timber frames are usually pre-fabricated off-site, which helps in speeding up the construction process.

In addition to its flexibility to facilitate quick construction processes, it has numerous other benefits. This construction system has been mushrooming in popularity lately. With advanced engineering systems, there are a lot of timber frames available for different styles of construction. There are a lot of other things that are not known to people because of the loss of awareness about Timber frames. This article aims to bring forth those lesser-known factors to educate people about Timber frames and their role in house constructions.

To build a home that is sturdy, resilient to natural calamities, and durable, quality timber frames are required. With the growth in popularity, the manufacturers have also increased but not all of them provide quality material. If you have been exploring the internet for quality producers for timber frame kits for your new construction, Hamill Creek timber homes are your ideal solution.

1. Eco-friendly


There is a general misconception that timber frames and ensuing homes are not eco-friendly. Reasonably so. But, the other side of the story requires equal attention too. While some argue how timber homes are sustainable compared to brick and block homes, a few others assert that both are not much different. But, extraction of timber makes all the difference here. Responsibly acquired timber is absolutely eco-friendly making your choice of construction a 100% sustainable one.

2. Quick construction process

An average house construction process takes more or less a year. But, the construction of houses with the help of timber frames is quicker than anyone could ever imagine. Because the construction process can be decentralized. Most of the frames are already pre-fabricated. Hence, the only part that remains in most of the cases is affixing different parts.

In some cases, some parts can be affixed at different locations and moved to the construction site to fasten the construction process even more. On an endnote, with the help of timber frames, architects become flexible enough to adapt to hybrid models of construction to fasten the construction process.

3. Affordable


Another common misconception among people about timber frames is that they are highly expensive. But, according to experts and experienced people, using timber frames in construction drastically reduces the expenditure on the overall construction.

While the timber frames are already affordable, they further reduce the expenditure because less material is required in constructing a house when compared to conventional houses. A lot of additional materials are not required for timber frame constructions that otherwise add up to the cost in conventional construction models.

4. Fewer errors

You can either choose already manufactured timber frames or order frames according to your personalized needs. In both cases, the room for errors drastically reduces as these materials are highly precise and accurate. Hence, you find lesser gaps and fills as compared to other materials.

5. Colors


There are different species of timber. Each species of timber usually comes in different colors. Besides being eco-friendly, you don’t have to use additional colors to beautify your home. You get natural colors and a natural look with these naturally available colors of different species of timber. It also saves a lot of expenditure on paints and colors, which is an additional saving for you.

6. Flexible

As for the external looks, you don’t find much difference when it comes to timber frame homes. Because different construction styles can be replicated using timber frames too. Timber frames are extremely flexible. Hence, the builders face no complexity in executing their favorite styles of construction patterns or models.

Also, they are lightweight. They can be fabricated at any spot and moved to the construction site easily or affixed at the site itself. Hence, construction with timber frames is highly convenient for house owners. The transportation cost too reduces for these kinds of constructions because less material needs to be transported and the material is lightweight. Hence, more material can be transported at a time.

7. Energy efficient


Less energy is utilized in the manufacturing process and construction process of timber frames and timber frame homes. Hence, right from the beginning to the end of the construction, the processes involved are eco-friendly in nature in various aspects. Plus, timber frames are highly reliable and durable according to experts. As the manufacturers are insulating materials to the package, the durability of your home increases tenfold, which is a further add-on to your savings and benefits reaped from opting for a timber frame home.


There are numerous companies manufacturing timber frames for self-build homes but there are only a few who produce quality material within affordable price ranges for the customers. Generally, the manufacturers work the manufacturing process through designing, building, and erecting superstructures but it may vary as the companies and their working processes differ.

In the earlier days, only plain timber frames were produced. But due to the changes in the construction patterns, styles, requirements, and advancement in technology, now timber frames come in different sizes and styles. So, it is important to understand the requirements and align them with the timber frame packages to choose the perfect one for your home.