As someone who doesn’t have years of experience playing in casinos, there are a lot of casino-related terms and words that you may not know their meaning. Sometimes for you to make significant growth in your gameplay, you need to know these words so that you won’t be confused while playing important casino games. Some of these words are easy to understand even by a novice while some can bring confusion.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than when you head over to, a site that provides you with the best casinos, and then as you play, you don’t understand what you are doing. If you want to enjoy playing casino games, then understanding these terms is necessary and some of these words include:

1. Banker:


A position in a Casino that has the responsibility of collecting lost bets and paying those that won. This post is commonly occupied by the dealer.

2. Cage:

This is an area where chips are stored in the casino. Sometimes this includes the cashier’s desk.

3. Ante:

An ante is the initial bet required before a hand will be able to start.

4. Cash Bonus:

This is a type of bonus at casinos online and can only be withdrawn when the wagering requirements are met.

5. Side Bet:


When you bet on the result of the outcome of a casino game that is not directly related to the game, this is known as a side bet.

6. Advantage-Player:

An advantage player is a casino player that has some advantage over the house legally such as those players that can count cards successfully while playing blackjack and those who can maximize bonus value.

7. Random Number Generator:

This is computer software that can produce random results of a casino game that is used mainly by online casinos to generate such results.

8. Pit:

This is the part in a land-based casino that contains some tables and the central table of this part of the casino is only for the casino employees.

9. Withdrawal:

This is mainly done at online casinos. This is the process of requesting the money that you have won in your online casino account via any preferred method of payment.

10. Optimal Strategy:


An optimal strategy is an act of playing casino games in the “correct” way to maximize your chance of winning and minimize the chances of losing.

11. Dice Control:

Dice control is the process of throwing dice in a certain way that will increase the player’s likelihood to throw certain numbers or not.

12. Flash Casino:

A flash casino, also known as an instant casino is a type of online casino that can be played with a web browser directly or on mobile pokies app. It doesn’t need software to play on such casinos online.

13. Card Counting:

Card counting is the act of taking note of having a clear idea of the next card to be dealt next when playing the game of blackjack to have an edge over other players.

14. Pit Boss:

A pit boss is a casino employee that has the duty of making sure that the correct policies of the casino are being followed and also settling disputes between players.

15. Encryption:


Encryption is the process of protecting the financial transactions of online casino players by encoding them to prevent hackers from accessing their details.

16. Progression Betting:

Progression betting is a type of betting style that is of two types, positive progression betting, and negative progression betting.

17. Positive Progression Betting:

Positive progression betting is a type of progression betting where the players increase their stake after a win.

18. Negative Progression Betting:

This is a type of progression betting whereby they increase their stakes after taking a loss.

19. Automatic Card Shuffler:

An automatic card shuffle is a device that is used by land-based casinos to shuffle decks of cards automatically.

20. Play For Fun:


Playing for fun is mostly offered by online casinos and this involves playing casino games without having to risk your money as you play.

21. Deposit Method:

Majorly used by online casinos, this is a way of depositing money into your account with different payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, etc. Take a look at and find out more.

22. Comp Points:

It is only with a player’s playing activity that they can earn comp points which can be exchanged for food and drinks or extra credits if it is an online casino.

23. Payout Odds:

Payout odds are used to know the amount a player is going to win from a winning bet. This term is related to the initial stake.

24. Card Washing:

Card washing is a technique of card shuffling whereby the dealer spreads all the cards on the table and then mixes them up.

25. Game Regulations And Assurance:


This is an independent body that approves online casinos that has good recommendations and operates responsibly.

26. Dealer:

A dealer is a casino employee also known as a croupier that is responsible for running a game table.

27. VIP Player:

A VIP player is a casino player who is considered of high value by a casino either because they play regularly or they stake high.

28. Gross Winning:

Gross winning is the total amount of money that is returned after winning a bet or series of bets, this also includes the initial stakes.

29. Gambler’s Fallacy:

Gambler’s fallacy is a belief that is not true. This belief states that the outcome of a random event is influenced by the previous ones. Gamblers believe that the next spin of a roulette wheel will be black after 10 red outcomes.

30. Down Card:


A down card is a dealt card that is not exposed.

As a casino player, there is a need to know the terms of the game you play. Even if you are a professional player, you still need to know these words in clear terms. Knowing the casino-related terms and phrases will help you to enjoy the game and not to get confused when certain words are mentioned and some of these words have been explained above.