Europe is an amazing continent that has so much to offer. Almost every country comes with many sights worth visiting. However, there are also many that are popular but not worth the effort. You will agree that it doesn’t make much sense to set aside money and time to visit some European tourist attraction only to end up concluding that nothing special was to be seen. That is why we have decided to share with you information about the most overrated tourist attractions in Europe. So you can know what to avoid. Here we go!

1. Pizza Tower in Italy


Most tourists who have had the opportunity to visit Pizza in Italy will agree that this city is more than uninteresting. Of course, this depends primarily on what you expect and what you think is worth seeing. However, besides the large green area and the curved tower next to which you can take funny photos, you should not expect anything special. It’s nice to spend some time in a big park around the Pizza tower and relax, but you can do that in any other city in Italy. Pizza is very gloomy and doesn’t have much to offer. So, to conclude: the picture of the tower on the Internet will be totally enough to satisfy your curiosity when it comes to this landmark.

2. Venice’s attractions


Although Venice was one of the most beautiful and romantic cities with numerous sights worth seeing, this has changed over time. Venice began to sink, and the canals developed a specific smell, so it became quite uncomfortable to walk around this city and look around. Prices have also become very high, so you will have to spend almost 100 dollars for a half an hour gondola ride. You will agree that this is not very profitable if we take into account what this city has (and doesn’t have) to offer now.

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3. Mona Lisa, Paris


Probably every person in the world has heard of the Mona Lisa – a Da Vinci painting that lives in the Louvre Museum in Paris. While this work is truly unique, we can definitely say that a visit to the Louvre for the sake of seeing the Mona Lisa is quite overrated. Why? Because this museum is teeming with tourists – so you can expect only a huge crowd and lack of fresh air as you try to see this painting, which is so well protected that you can’t even get close to it.


Although Europe has so many amazing places to see there is another side: a lot of tourist attractions that are simply overrated, so it makes no sense to visit them just because they are popular. Having knowledge of which sights in Europe are overhyped will help you make a better choice for your future travels and enable you to visit something that is really worth seeing.