Playing online casino games like blackjack and roulette can be great fun, and it is also a great way to play with real money and hopefully win with real money. However, online safety is a real concern, and players do need to take special care when using online gaming sites.

The first safety risk is personal information that gets into the wrong hands, and then the second concern is depositing real money to use at an online casino. There are a number of things that players should be aware of, and it is a good idea to remind yourself of these from time to time.



Always make sure to use strong passwords. This means passwords that include many characters, they use numbers, and they use special characters. Try to avoid using anything that might be personal to you in the password, such as names and surnames, pet names etc.

Importantly, change these passwords often. Something else worth considering is enabling two-factor authentication. If an online casino or site offers two-factor authentication, it is definitely worth making use of this to improve your online safety.

Software Updates


Online casinos, whether for desktop, Android or iOS or web-based or app games, often run software updates on their games. These updates are often done to improve existing security features, or otherwise add new security features to the site or game. The suggestion is to always install these updates, as they give you the best chance of proper protection.

Access to Devices


It may seem quite obvious but think carefully about who has access to your device. Sometimes logging in to a site like Lucky Creek Casino or playing games on a work computer, or on a device that is shared with other people, can be quite risky. Even if you do log out of the game when you finish playing, there is always the risk of forgetting to log out just once, and this small error can have big consequences. Real money accounts can be emptied or used, and personal details can quite easily be shared. Think quite carefully around this issue and how best to ensure your information remains safe.



Phishing is something we all need to be aware of in terms of our online safety. Emails, text messages, phone calls come through to us all. For the most part we are quite good at being aware that these are fake. However, the quality of these phishing emails is always improving, meaning our safety is more and more at risk.

Always look at emails that request you to do anything as suspicions. Clicking one tiny link or clicking on a reply button can instantly open up a whole host of problems for you. Our suggestion is to avoid these at all costs, and rather manage all communication through the actual website in which you are playing.

Security Software


In addition to antivirus software, using security software is a great idea. This software does more than protect you from viruses, it protects your information. Typically, this software will warn you when anybody is attempting to collect data from you, even as simple as data usage on a site. If you trust the online casino, then you can ignore these warnings. However, if a warning block pops up from any other site or warns you about something you are not quite sure about, then take note and decide whether to proceed or whether to just close your browser.