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By Dawn's Early Light

By Dawn's Early Light, produced in the 1980's, was the last of the "What if the weapons get loose" cold war suspense thrillers released before the fall of the Soviet Union. Matte World Digital created visual effects depicting various military aircraft in flight using miniatures and matte painting techniques. The staff at MWD received Emmy Awards for outstanding visual effects.
Television Credits

The E-4 Presidential command post flies over Utah at night. A modified, miniature 747 was photographed on the MWD stages with created backgrounds using matte painting techniques.

Craig Barron makes adjustments to the "looking glass plane" just before photography depicting the E-4's collision sequence. The pilot's point of view as he is about to collide with the E-4.

High-speed photography of a Russian MIG-25 as it flies through frame. A pyro explosion destroys the MIG as a B-52 Gunner hits his mark.
Television Credits
Television Credits