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Coke: Caravan

For a commercial blending the warm, pleasant imagery of Christmas trees, Coca-Cola, and big trucks, MWD contributed shots showing a caravan of self-illuminated semis rolling through a wintry mountain landscape, bringing Coca-Cola and seasonal magic to the inhabitants of a small cheerful town.

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As the train enters the hamlet, it passes by a collection of ice skaters, photographed on an indoor set.

Shown here is a composite of thousands of troops storming the Fort. MWD artists also added fire, smoke and flares to create a battle-like chaos that would otherwise be difficult to achieve within camera.

Again, MWD created a mountain range and valley community. As the trucks roll past, they brighten the rink's own lights -- an effect accomplished both with on-set lighting controls and digital augmentation.

As in all the shots, three trucks stand in for the whole line. 3d-modeled trucks were animated for distant big-rigs.

The shot starts tight on santa's face (with an animated wink and a nod from the Jolly Old Elf supplied by ILM's commercial division), and zooms back to reveal the ends of the community sufficintly illuminated, while the stream of happiness flows on to the next lucky town.

Television Credits
Television Credits