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Matte World Digital Television Credits

Matte World Digital brings Emmy Award-winning special effects to television and commercials. We offer the same services for television and commercials that we do for film: digital 2D and 3D computer graphics and compositing, a full model shop for miniature creation, complete motion-control facilities and blue- and green-screen stages.

Click on the red titles to see samples of our work.

Commercial Credits

Pontiac: Steel Peaks
Coke: Caravan
First Union Bank
Cadillac: Catera Wizard
Acura: Island
AT&T: Future Series
7-Up: The Abyss
Honda: Planet Earth Miniature
Coke: Balloon Man
Pepsi: The Ministry
Silk Greenhouse
Bob Evans Restaurants
Hormel Chili
Nynex - Hell Freezes Over

Made-For-Television Features

*By Dawn's Early Light 1990
Steal the Sky 1989


Music Videos

Michael Jackson Black or White 1991

* Matte World Digital - Emmy award-winner for outstanding visual efffects

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