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Oscar and Emmy Award-Winning Visual Effects

For over 20 years, Matte World Digital has specialized in creating realistic visual effects. Matte World Digital produces and develops award-winning visual effects services for film, television, commercials, and special projects, including IMAX productions, and museum dioramas.

Matte World Digital works as consultants for directors and their staff, creating a budget and effects breakdown within the script. We offer digital 2D and 3D computer graphics and compositing, a full model shop for miniature creation;, complete motion-control facilities, and blue- and green-screen stages.

Our clients include Disney, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Amblin Entertainment, Castle Rock Entertainment, Morgan Creek, American Zoetrope, and Warner Brothers.

MWD crew on location

Film Credits

Effects for Film - The Matte World Digital philosophy is to produce seamless and realistic visual effects so the audience is not aware they are viewing an effect, but rather an integral part of the director's vision. Our reputation for affordable, high-quality visual effects is unprecedented. To say you haven't seen our work is our best compliment. Please visit our extensive film credits with stills and clips from dozens of feature-length films.

Television Credits
Commercials and Television - Matte World Digital offers the same services for television and commercials that we do for film. We've done commercial work for AT&T, Coca Cola and Honda, as well as the effects in Michael Jackson's Black or White music video. Our television credits page features examples of shots we've done for the past 20 years.
Interactive Formats
Interactive Formats - Matte World Digital brings the same level of artistic accomplishment from its film and television work into the Interactive environment. Working with publishers and developers, MWD enjoys contributing to this area of digital creativity. We can provide your vision in any format you wish, including CD-ROM, Simulator, Projection (high definition and film) or Internet/online. Examples of our work include the gaming titles, The Mega-Datazord, Riven (Myst II), and Wing Commander IV.
Special Projects - Biodiversity Project
Special Projects - Matte World Digital is involved in a variety of projects exploring the past and future of visual effects.

American Museum of Natural History: Biodiversity Project - MWD and Ralph Applebaum Associates, Inc. developed the next generation of diorama exhibits.

SIGGRAPH 1998 - An illustrated transcript of Matte Painting in the Digital Age, a lecture by MWD founder, Craig Barron.

NAB 1998 - A demonstration in collaboration with Alias|Wavefront, showcasing our work fon Martin Scorsese's Kundun.