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The Newton Boys

The Newton Boys takes place in the 1920's and takes place in various locations, including Chicago and Toronto. Matte World Digital created digital matte shots to establish the period.

The original live-action plate shows a concrete parking garage at the end of the street, clearly not belonging in the 1920's.

The final composite adds a digital matte painting of old buildings to maintain the period look.

Live-action street scene photographed at night. The black mask at the top center of frame prevents the key light from flaring the camera lens

Digital matte painting includes Chicago's famous landmarks, the Tribune and Wrigley buildings. Additionaly, we have added a computer-generated El Train that travels through the scene.

The live-action plate photographed at dusk in Austin, Texas includes a Southern Pacific steam locomotive.

The final composite establishes the Chicago train yard with additional steam elements that help make the transition between live action and digital matte painting.

Film Credits
Film Credits