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The brick bridge in this live-action plate is the second of its type that has existed here. There once stood a similiar bridge that was destroyed by enemy troops.

At this point in the Civil War the severely damaged brick bridge had to be quickly reconstructed with fallen trees and logs so the troops could begin crossing the river again. We removed a few of the foreground trees, painted in the makeshift log bridge, extended the forest beyond, and finally created a more visible riverbed.

A plate was shot with a single group of soliders marching toward camera left.

Plumes of smoke from a large distant fire were added to the horizon. Masses of soldiers were also duplicated to illustrate a column of Federalist troops marching away from a burning supply depot.

In this plate we see soldiers carrying a casket from the Henry House.

Mrs. Henry was killed by canon fire that hit the upper half of the house, so Matte World Digital was asked to paint in the historically acurate damage while live-action smoke drifts across the scene. The painted damage had to be tracked as the camera pans across the scene from left to right.

This plate was shot with extras posing as dead soldiers while many shoeless troops march by. During the Civil War many troops fought bare-foot unless they could scavenge footwear from fallen soldiers.

We painted additional dead, shoeless soldiers and added more troops walking down the line in search of foot protection as they prepare to go to battle.

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Film Credits
Film Credits