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The Majestic

In this sentimental drama, Matte World Digital helped take the audience back to the 1950s.

At the opening of the film, a series of hand-tinted postcards fall in slow-motion through the frame. The last card (actually a CG object created by MWD) lands on a table, and as the camera pushes into it, the scene on the card comes to life.

The scene is Grauman's Chinese Theater in the early '50s. Period cars were photographed in front of the theater in the present day, using a steadicam which crosses the street in a continuation of the camera motion established on the postcard.

The present-day theater has modern signs and marquees, so MWD created a 3D matte painting to replace the upper part of the building with a version restored to its '50s appearance. Also created as a 3D object, a classic Hollywood Red Car drives through the scene. Actors shot on a stage are placed into the CG trolley.

To complete the scene, spotlight and neon sign animations are added. The camera continues across the street, where there is a hidden transition to a second steadicam angle, which takes the audience through the theater lobby and introduces the film's narrator and main character.

Period cars were also photographed at the entrance to a Hollywood studio lot.

The digital matte painting establishes a studio gate in Hollywood's "Golden Age." Subtle touches include animated car reflections in the brushed metal columns and shadows from the sign laticework falling on the cars as they pass.

Actors were filmed walking near the California coast.

MWD modified the bluffs to make a more idyllic setting for the characters' romantic stroll

Film Credits

Film Credits