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Down With Love
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In this romantic-comedy starring Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger, Matte World Digital recreated the New York city of the 1960's with a quirky style borrowed from the Doris Day and Rock Hudson films of the period. From a reveal of Manhatten and the United Nations to Grand Central Station and Madison Avenue, many of the cities most recognizable locations appear as Hollywood might have made them four decades ago.

Shot from a crane high above the desert, the Alamo chapel and the Fort's surrounding walls are all part of a movie set constructed for this film as the real Alamo exists in downtown San Antonio.

Emerging from the computer generated clouds, the city is complete with busy streets, animated ferry boats, fluttering rooftop flags, air traffic and even pedestrians walking about in the waterfront park.

Matte World created this matte painting illustrating the Pan Am building which once towered over Grand Central station. Note the unlikely view of the of the Chrysler tower to the left of the frame, a nod to the picturesque Hollywood movie making techniques at the time.

As we tilt down we see the Grand Central Station's clock with animated rooftop steam.

The end of the tilt-down reveals our main character Barbara (Renee Zellweger) as she exits Grand Central Station and proceeds to look for a taxi. Much like the Chrysler tower, artistic license was taken to alter the architecture and its position as they did in many of the 1960's Hollywood movies.

The plate for Grand Central Station was shot at Universal Studios. Additional people and a few cars were added digitally to fill in gaps in the action.

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Film Credits