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Cats and Dogs

Cats & Dogs is a live-action flim with cartoon style. Matte World Digital provided a variety of "heightened reality" scenes, from the opening shot establishing an idealized suburban nieghborhood to the flocking factory explosion in the film's finale.

MWD created the opening shot, a digital matte painting of the sunrise.

In a matter of seconds, we see the pre-dawn twighlight transformed to a bright clear morning.

The flocking factory location was photographed with on-set snow-blower effects.

MWD built a computer model of the factory and its lighting to allow distortion of the walls.

As the pressure builds, additional computer-generated elements are added to augment the flocking squirting out of the seams of the building. The CG tree sign fractures.

Finally, the building explodes. The distorted CG model is combined with a balsawood miniature that was exploded at our stage.

Fragments of the CG building intermix with the balsa and baking soda from the miniature.

For shots establishing the home of the film's villain, MWD combined 2D and 3D techniques. Here the foreground gate is modeled to change in perspective as the camera moves over it.

The final composition was concieved to suggest a maniacal cat's face.

Clouds moving in front of the moon and flashes of lightning add to the realism and reinforce the threatening aura.

MWD replaced the factory location with a destroyed version of the building. The ruins were modeled in 3D to allow them to wave slightly as CG snow falls.

Film Credits

Film Credits