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Archiving The Work

After closing shop, movers from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences came to pack up our archive of glass-matte paintings. Paintings, miniatures, and camera equipment from our warehouse were shipped to the future site of The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. The artifacts now receive museum-level curation resources that will safeguard the collection for long-term preservation..

The matte painting of Gotham City for Batman Returns is packed for shipment.

Matte paintings are boxed for shipment.

A matte painting from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country will be carefully wrapped next.

An RKO rear projector used to project live-action elements behind the glass matte paintings.

The Matte World Digital site will remain on the Internet as an archive.
Visit the home page or film credits page to see nearly 25 years of visual effects work, from glass mattes, to the digital age.

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